Health System Pharmacists Want to Manage Specialty Pharmacy Care For Their Complex Patients. The PBMs Are Making It Difficult.

By Prashant Dilwali The majority of the population get their insurance through their employer.  The employer chooses a health insurance plan which covers all the expenses associated with a patient’s medical care: visits to the hospital, physician office or urgent care center, etc.  However, if the patient is prescribed any medication, the health insurance plan […]
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Kate Smullen, PharmD, CSP, thinks hospital-based specialty pharmacists can dramatically improve patient outcomes — here’s how

Q1: You have worked in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and specialty pharmacy, and received your Certified Specialty Pharmacist accreditation. From a pharmacist’s perspective, what are the two most important aspects of hospital patient care that specialty pharmacist can fix? And how would you fix them? KATE: In the broadest terms, what we need to do is […]
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Forget everything you know about the future: The clandestine changing of the guard in healthcare

Yogi Berra once said, “the future ain’t what it used to be,” and this is more true in today’s world of healthcare than ever before, especially when treating patients who live with chronic illnesses. To navigate the future of care, chronic illness or not, health system leaders must radically and immediately change their planning process […]
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