By Brooke Ruhland, Certified Specialty Pharmacist We’ve all been there. Either we or our loved ones need a prescription now and can’t get it filled right away. Sometimes the situation is urgent for people like TV star, Sarah Hyland. Even the smallest infections can be life threatening to a transplant recipient. In other cases, it’s […]
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The recent hurricane in Texas has cast a spotlight on the importance of disaster preparedness at every level, from the coordination of large scale relief efforts to each individual having a plan they can put into action. When an impending storm, disaster, or emergency poses a threat to a person’s health and safety, it is […]
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When caring for patients with chronic illnesses, Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) may soon face this same risk as the now-extinct BlockBuster video rental stores. Time and technology could very well pass them by – when it comes to post-visit care. It is widely known that AMCs provide the vast majority of clinical care nationally to […]
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A Chinese expression says, “money is not everything, but without it you can do nothing.” Often in healthcare talking about hospital revenue is taboo. But we believe, like any difficult subject, open and honest trumps avoidance. A care model vs. a revenue model is an important conversation to have and allows hospital administrators to provide […]
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We are often asked by hospital administrators, pharmacists and physicians what it takes to start or grow a hospital’s specialty pharmacy. Since creating our first hospital specialty pharmacy program in 2012, we have considered it the Golden Rule of Specialty Pharmacy to place patient care at the center of the business model. This golden rule […]
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