November 12, 2020 Excelera

Building Bridges Between Payers and HSSP

Health system specialty pharmacies have a great deal to offer commercial health plans and other payers. Unfortunately, there seem to be many misconceptions about the level of expertise that health systems can offer payers in terms of specialty pharmacy. At Excelera, we have heard that specialty pharmacy is not a strength of health systems, not a priority of health systems, and simply a way for health systems to try to make more money.

As mission-driven organizations, health systems have to make money to support the mission, of course. But the reality is that an integrated health system is an ideal environment for a specialty pharmacy that is aligned with the needs of its own patients, its own specialty clinics and providers, and long-term patient outcomes.

Health system care teams, including the specialty pharmacy, take a high-touch, holistic approach to treating their complex patients, building high levels of trust that are reinforced by disease-state expertise.

At Excelera, our Payer Relations team works to build bridges between payers and the health system specialty pharmacies in the Excelera Network. In addition to excellent care, these high-performing pharmacies can offer payers an extraordinary level of customer service for their members.


For more information about the benefits of collaboration between payers and health system specialty pharmacies, and how Excelera can facilitate these relationships, email our Payer Relations team at