Dawn DiPasquale

Director of Clinical Training

As the Director of Clinical Training, Dawn directs educational programs that promote professional excellence for all clinical roles at Shields Health Solutions. Dawn’s role is directly linked to all clinical positions that make up one of Shields Health Solutions three pillars for success; Care. Patient liaisons, pharmacy technicians and nationally accredited pharmacists are trained to provide a world class patient care model for our patients and our physicians. In this role, Dawn designs training curriculum, selects the appropriate learning delivery methods and develops and implements evaluation systems to monitor the quality of the training delivery. Before serving in her current role at Shields, Dawn was a Patient Liaison and a Manager of Patient Services for Baystate Health. Dawn was also the recipient of Shields Health Solutions 2016 Employee of the Year. A success-driven pharmacy professional with 22 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the pharmacy profession, Dawn spent her time prior to Shields in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, pharmacy billing and a pharmacist-run pharmacotherapy services program. During that time, Dawn’s expertise included management, resource allocation, financial Planning, quality control, patient care excellence, leadership & direction and education & training. Dawn is a Licensed Pharmacy Technician in the state of Massachusetts and Nationally Certified with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.