When we ask hospital administrators, pharmacists and physicians about expanding their specialty pharmacy, we often hear, “we’re already doing specialty pharmacy.” But when we ask further about medication adherence rates, direct access to specialty drugs (LDDs) and payor contracts, the answers are often surprising.

When we ask about an integrated care model that connects the specialty pharmacy to physicians, clinics, patients and patient families, often the answer is, “not really.” And when we ask about patient capture rates or patient & provider satisfaction rankings the answers are the same – mixed.

Shields has helped accelerate the growth of existing hospital specialty pharmacies exponentially. We achieve that alongside our hospital partners using the best practices developed and honed through years of experience. We know why hospitals only fill prescriptions for five or ten percent of eligible patients, and how to bring that number closer to 50% or 60%. More importantly, we know how to integrate your pharmacy into your hospital’s care model in a manner that improves metrics like medication adherence rates by 30%.

To learn more about how Shields can help you grow your existing hospital specialty pharmacy, please review Shields services. Also see our video case study from UMass Memorial Health and our Explainer Videos.

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