July 21, 2022 caroline

How Specialty Pharmacy Can Drive Better Outcomes in Diabetes

This white paper explores the benefits of applying a high-touch specialty pharmacy care model, such as the Shields Diabetes Care Program, to medication adherence and HbA1c reduction across a health system’s diabetes population.

  • From financial assistance struggles and prior authorization delays to poorly coordinated prescription delivery, diabetes patients encounter a range of challenges when attempting to fill at traditional retail or mail order pharmacy.
  • Expanding into diabetes allows health system specialty pharmacies to play a vital role in improving diabetes care outcomes and reducing costs by significantly simplifying care for patients, reducing HbA1c levels, and ensuring strong medication adherence.
  • Health systems can leverage the Shields specialty pharmacy care model to provide high-touch, high-quality care and ensure a seamless patient experience when starting or refilling a diabetes medication.
  • The Shields model has been shown to deliver significant clinical impacts in this growing population while markedly reducing the administrative burden of medication management for providers and clinic staff and lowering total cost of care.