Why partner with Shields to create or expand a specialty pharmacy program?

Today hospital pharmacists have an unprecedented opportunity to bring into their hospitals the biggest patient care improvement in a generation. Through a hospital-owned specialty pharmacy, pharmacists can improve coordination of care by extending the influence of pharmacy care beyond the four walls of the hospital and into patient homes, retaining patient relationships for life.

Hospital specialty pharmacists are improving medication adherence rates 30% above industry averages and reducing re-admissions thanks to some very special pharmacy liaisons, patient advocates and clinical pharmacists who continually monitor patient status with the help of direct EMR access, data science and artificial intelligence provided by the Shields specialty pharmacy software platform called TelememtryRx.

When speaking about the added time his team of physicians can now spend with patients, Dr. Nompleggi, MD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology said, “It’s really hard to even imagine how long it could take in the past to get specialty medications for patients. It was longer, much longer than seeing the patient before we started our specialty pharmacy.”

  • How can Shields help?
    • Partnering removes execution risk – hiring, training and retaining dozens of liaisons, technicians and pharmacists, obtaining access to almost 100 specialty medications, securing contracts with payors, even constructing a new pharmacy space is all handled by Shields.
    • Partnering removes organizational risk – asking your pharmacy team to create a new line of business is a distraction from patient care. Working with Shields gives you the credit you deserve for creating a specialty pharmacy program without the risk of disrupting your team and their desire to focus on patients.
    • Partnering removes financial risk – capital investments made up front to start a specialty pharmacy can run into the millions. Shields can invest in the start-up or expansion of your pharmacy to remove that risk for you because we are so sure our model works and our people are the best trained, most experienced in the industry.
  • To see a hospital-owned specialty pharmacy in action, please view the UMass Memorial video case study where Dr. Eric Dickson, President & CEO, talks about his experience starting a specialty pharmacy.
  • To learn more about Shields Services click here.
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