Why partner with Shields to create or expand a specialty pharmacy program?

  • In a few words, the answer is “improved patient care.” Partnering with Shields eliminates the frustration of administrative paperwork for providers, allowing them to work more with patients and less on time consuming administrative tasks associated with insurance, financial aid and medication approvals.
    • According to Dr. Nompleggi, MD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, “It’s really hard to even imagine how long it could take in the past to get specialty medications for patients. It was longer, much longer than seeing the patient before we started our specialty pharmacy.”
    • Partnering with Shields has also improved medication adherence rates at our partners by 30% above the national average and driven patient acquisition & retention up 40% – 50% above the national average.
    • Physicians have consistently returned a 97% -99% satisfaction rating for the Shields partnership model.
To hear more from Dr. Nompleggi and other physicians at UMass Memorial Health, please view the UMass Memorial video case study where Dr. Eric Dickson, President & CEO, and others talk about their experiences starting a specialty pharmacy with Shields. To learn more about Shields Services click here.
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