Shields has helped more hospitals and health systems create their own specialty pharmacies than any company in the world. We invented the hospital partnership model in 2012, an industry first, after incubating two specialty pharmacies in different health systems.

The graphic to the right outlines a high level look at the roll-out process for a hospital-owned specialty pharmacy. Using established best practices, Shields has helped our hospital partners navigate the labyrinth of requirements necessary to gain access to 95% of all specialty drugs (LDD) and 85% of all payors. We are integrators – consultants, builders and most importantly care providers – with years of groundbreaking, practical experience.

Shields is there with you for the entire journey, removing the financial, execution, operational and organizational risks that it takes to build a world-class specialty pharmacy program.

Find out more about the Shields services designed to help you get started faster with less risk than building a specialty pharmacy on your own. Also see our video case study from UMass Memorial Health and our Explainer Videos.